About Us

Principals Kevin KoChen and Tyler Hanson have been at the forefront of the independent festival movement being intimately involved in the west coast scene by working on Symbiosis Gathering and Lightning in a Bottle from their inception. In addition, their exploits have led them to working with public and private entities from NASA to Google and all sorts of entities in between looking to make a scene. But it is their massive artisanal network of doers makers dreamers and imagineers that they have cultivated over the past 20 years that truly makes KH unique.  

Kulturehaus also comes equipped with a vast network of artists, producers, and coordinators that can design, develop, and execute in any type of environment from city centers to the middle of nowhere.

Whether you are looking to increase organizational efficiency, solve a specific problem, or create novelty in a crowded market, Kulturehaus is a team that can transform the craziest concepts into an actual real life experience.