Brent Allen Spears AKA Shrine

Shrine, aka Brent Spears, is a self taught artist who has painted over sixty interactive murals around the world, and over fifty murals in Los Angeles. He has painted numerous restaurants and retail store interiors and exteriors including La Luz De Jesus Gallery, The Soap Plant, the first five Houses of Blues and many others. Shrine also paints cars, furniture, and shoes, and creates paintings on wood-framed glass windows. He has created two large-scale temples made from trash at Burning Man, and sculptures at Coachella, Boom Festival, Symbiosis Gathering, and Bonnaroo. Shrine is available for X Y & Z . (Bio credit Evil Twin Booking )

"The expression "one man’s trash is another man’s treasure" comes to mind when speaking with Los Angeles native Brent Spears, the man known in the art world simply as Shrine.  Shrine — who's responsible for some of the most notable festival installation art projects — has a unique artistic style sourced from a confluence of natural talent, vision, and tragedy, all of which have inspired a new way of building art and sacred spaces at festivals and beyond. In some ways, the story of Shrine is about the redeemed and the redeemer, and in his life he's had the experience of being both, many times over." FEST300

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“Part of it is being grateful, a huge part of it, if you can embrace gratitude — which I am still learning how to do all the time —then you are going to stay inspired. Gratitude is a perspective. It’s an outlook that allows you to be inspired.”