Whether you are looking to create novelty in a crowded market, increase organizational efficiency or solve a cultural challenge, Kulturehaus can transform concept into experience through a process that teaches you as much about your own organization as it does your audience.

We specialize in producing moments that tap into the full spectrum of our senses to create long-lasting impressions and memories. Kulturehaus is  home to a vast network of advisors, creatives and producers with the experience and resources necessary to create worlds within worlds. Through experience design, social engineering and large-scale immersive art we are able to create culture, community and deep engagement for you and your audience.

Our Four Step Process:

  • Assessment – First we do our research.  Our Feasibility Analysis gives you precise and specific insights regarding the financial and human resources necessary to create the type of experience you intend. Where have you been, where do you want to go, and how can we help you get there.
  • Assembly – Once we’ve laid the plans, we get right to work on building a team that fits your specific needs. Whether you’re crafting context or creating content, or both, we can provide you with a customized production te
  • Creation – Our vast network of interdisciplinary creatives makes for a vertically streamlined production team that can seamlessly manufacture the proper setting and manifest your vision in any medium you choose.
  • Storytelling – Creating the experience is only half the battle.  A great event has a message worth sending. And a great message is one which is contextually aware.  So what is your message, who is it for and why should they care? These are the foundational elements of a story.  Building an audience requires masterful storytelling and our marketing team insures that the experience starts long before the event, engaging the public through tactical media use, social engagement and unique, alluring campaigns.