L’Unkles Boink is a highly trained collective of character performers whose sole mission is to infuse any event with two parts hilarity, one ounce of adventurous storytelling and just a dash of deviant debauchery.Their presence at any event will create magical pockets of intrigue that will leave your guest and participants telling the tales for days to come. Allow the team to transform your soiree into a comedic event of historic proportions. Their antics have been on display at such high end events as Electric Forest Music Festival (MI) , Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival (CA), Envision Music Festival (Costa Rica), Electric Daisy Carnival (Vegas/Orlando/Mexico), Beyond Wonderland and Escape From Wonderland (CA) and much more!

“L’Unkles Boink is truly a masterpiece of zany, witty, unbelievably fun, genuine, circus clown freaks that tear down personal barriers of safety and replaces it with a world of magic and jackassery. It’s hard not to fall in love immediately.” Nova Han – Producer and Artistic Director for Wilderbe www.novahan.com

“L’Unkles Boink performance artists are a joy to work with! They turn any party, big or small, into an event that your guests will be talking about for years to come. When you hire L’Unkles Boink you are getting more than just a performance… You will be part of an experience that will excite and inspire you! Amazing!!!” Kamala Mathis – Co-Owner Fire Groove www.firegroove.com